Pure Joy Organic Pregnancy Wedge

  • The Pure Joy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow is made with pure ingredients with mommy and baby's comfort in mind. Natural latex noodles or kapok are hand-stuffed into a cover made from GOTS certified organic cotton fabric with a nylon zipper. Designed to fit under the belly to support weight and optimize comfort while mommy sleeps on her side, this wedge pillow is an excellent alternative to a cumbersome full-body pillow that can require adjusting. And it's super convenient when traveling! After the baby arrives, the wedge is the perfect shape for better supporting and cradling the baby while nursing. (It can also be placed between knees for leg support while side-sleeping or elevate feet while back-sleeping.) Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that it isn't made from petrochemicals with flame retardants. Dimensions are 12" L on the straight edge x 10" D x 4" H. Handmade in USA exclusively for Boston Luxury Beds. 

  • FREE shipping to addresses in the continental US via USPS. (We don't like shipping charges either.) 

  • Machine wash and air dry removable cover. Do not machine wash natural kapok in its permanent cover -- spot clean; natural latex noodles may be washed in their permanent cover.

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