FREE WHITE GLOVE DELIVERY of Vispring mattresses in continental US.

Groton European Country Down Comforter

  • Oh, so lightweight, soft, and warm. Pure down, no feathers. All season weight. The outer fabric is a white Okeo-tex 100 standard crisp 380 thread count 100% cotton white sheeting. Soft 750 fill power European snow-white country down. Locked box baffle construction keeps the fill in place. Luxuriously finished with double stitched edges and deluxe piping. One-inch corner loops are attached to keep your comforter/duvet in place inside your cover. Ten-year warranty on workmanship and materials. Made to order. Two weeks lead to ship. Free shipping in continental U.S. and Canada. 

  • FREE shipping to addresses in the Continental US. (We don't like shipping charges either.) 

  • Do not forget the antibacterial and disinfecting qualities of letting the sun clean your comforter. Use a duvet cover and wash the pillow duvet cover regularly. This will reduce the incidence of you needing to launder your down comforter. If you must wash, use a small amount of pure soap. Do not use a detergent or bleach. Use cold water and set the water level at high. Select a gentle cycle on your washing machine. The best type of washing machine to use is a front loader. To ensure the soap residue has dissipated from the duvet, put the comforter through an additional rinse cycle. Dry the duvet at low temperature, and check every ten minutes to make sure it does not overheat. It will take several cycles to dry the comforter thoroughly. As an alternative to washing the comforter at home, you can choose to have your pillow professionally laundered with a company that is experienced in laundering duvets.

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