Our Evolution

Boston Luxury Beds (BLB) is a division of The Organic Mattress, Inc. and a purveyor of a highly curated collection of fine quality sleep systems, bedding and bespoke upholstered furniture. We are passionate about health, wellness and restorative sleep. All  of our offerings use natural or certified organic ingredients as a result.  Never flame retardants, synthetics or chemical treatments.

We choose to represent brands that meet our high standards for quality, craftsmanship, sustainability and corporate responsibility. We design and convert many of our own bedding products and all of our custom non-toxic upholstered furniture.  We have been true to our values since 2007 when we launched as The Organic Mattress, Inc., so we clearly are not driven by fads. 

Our team members are mavens in healthy home textiles, soft furnishings, sleep science and upholstery, having had careers in these niche markets since 2004. We are passionate and never pushy, knowledgeable and always learning.

We work with the trade and clients to convert boudoirs into sanctuaries and safe havens that promote healthy sleep.

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