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Islamorada Kapok-Filled Comforter

  • Lightweight, soft and pure. Grade A silky kapok fiber filled all season comforter/duvet. The outer fabric is a white Okeo-tex 100 standard crisp 233 thread count 100% cotton sheeting. The locked baffle box construction keeps the fill in place and allows the fill to loft to its maximum level. Loops for attaching to comforter/duvet cover. 10-year warranty on workmanship. Designed and made in Canada and made in a BSCI factory. BSCI provides a system that helps companies to gradually improve working conditions in their supply chain.

    Not familiar with kapok? Kapok is a cellulosic fiber that comes from the soft, fluffy seed covering of the kapok tree, which grows in rainforests and tropical climates. The tree produces pods, and the kapok fiber is in the pods. The trees continue to produce seeds year after year. The pods are harvested without cutting down the tree. Insects are not attracted to the trees, so no pesticides or insecticides are needed for the trees and our kapok fiber is grown naturally. Kapok is the lightest natural fiber in the world, is composed of 80% air, is eight times lighter than cotton, and is hydrophobic. Kapok fiber is breathable and clean and contains great thermo-insulating properties. It is referred to as “the poor man’s silk” in Asia due to its qualities and purity. Kapok is vegan and completely natural.

  • FREE shipping to addresses in the Continental US. (We don't like shipping charges either.)  Made to order. Two-week lead to ship. Free shipping in continental U.S. and Canada.

  • Care Instructions: Always use a duvet cover. The fill is cleaned to uncompromising standards as such, regularly laundering the comforter is not required as long as you can keep the cover of the duvet clean. If cleaning the duvet is required, then follow these steps: Spot clean with pure soap and a damp cloth. To dry, either line dry or put in the tumbler on low heat. To launder the comforter, use a minimal amount of pure soap in cold water on a gentle cycle with an extensive rinse cycle. The key is to make sure the soap residue does not remain on the fill, as this will drastically reduce the loft and fluff of the duvet. Do not forget the antibacterial and disinfecting qualities of letting the sun clean your comforter!

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